Media & Activation

With our team of experts, we challenge the traditional methods of digital marketing by rethinking its articulation with the media. It starts with the way we articulate branding, performance and retention, which we include in an intelligent activation tunnel.

We connect media to Data Science to limit time loss, speed decision making, refine optimizations and predict performance. Our creative studio is also highly integrated into the activation strategy. We activate all the media levers as a single system, and we can support you for all types of digital activation: A new marketing era is born from the perfect fusion between engineering and creative thinking.

We ensure the evolution of CRM management through upstream data collection and analysis. We recover all types of data, those informed by users and those resulting from consumer habits on the web and the conversion path. Data are exploited by our team composed of 5 data engineers, a data analyst specialist and a data scientist with 4 creative persons and a project manager.
Set up tools for SEO, help you use and understand the software tools essential to the activity of SEO and monitoring. Select for you the most powerful SEO tools. SEO experts to track data in real time.
Conversion follow-up.
Visitor data analysis.
Analysis of the quality of visits...
Our team of experts helps you optimize search engine advertising. How to use the contribution of new technologies for advertising space that is primarily purchased on a pay-per-click basis by targeting specific queries with keywords.
In the French context, most advertisers' investments in SEA are made on Google through its AdWords commercial links platform, which probably accounts for over 90% of investments. Within the SEA budgets invested on the AdWords platform, the PLA format is becoming more and more important compared to traditional advertisements in the form of commercial links in text format.
SEA is one of the two components of search engine marketing (SEM) with natural referencing (SEO). We thus obtain the "formula": SEM = SEO + SEA.

Strategy Consulting
Data Science

With the digital transformation of companies, data have become the key to the success of new generation marketing teams. Our mission is to improve marketing departments’ decision-making by optimizing strategic choices, create new strategies in order to respond to the digital transformation, and lead intelligent campaigns using all available new technologies. In concrete terms, we give new value to your projects by remaining realistic and optimizing strategic incisions. These are the challenges met with the help of Artificial Intelligence, which is developed in-house, by our data specialists.

Artificial Intelligence
Big Data

Today, understanding new digital tools and what artificial intelligence and data can do for you is at the heart of strategic business thinking. Technological advances are at the heart of the concerns of marketing departments who want to have every opportunity to carry out projects that meet the challenges of the digital revolution. Intuition needs to rely on data to optimize the decision chain. We set up for you data vision of your operating field to enlighten strategic decision-making. Don't waste any more time, take action with the help of our team's digital performance!

Data is operated by our team of engineers, analysts and scientists, coupled with our team of creative persons and project managers. Improving the decision-making of marketing teams while optimizing strategic choices… These are the missions raised with the help of Artificial Intelligence, developed by our data specialists.
In order to ensure that you are as close as possible to the optimum choice, you must launch new products or services with our data specialists’ support. Indeed, our data team optimizes the performance of marketing campaigns. We add relevance and precision. We refine segmentation within CRM, we go beyond the spectrum determined solely by frequency and recency. We associate the maximum of other behaviors, in order to be more user-centric, and to personalize your messages.

Design Thinking

What is the link between industrial design and design thinking? Most designers work in the design thinking process, both to design industrial products and new experiences, innovative services or new strategies... Understand the context, get to know the user, define the project's bias, then generate ideas, select the best to prototype and test them.

Whatever the challenge, the question is always the same: how can we go from an existing situation to a preferable situation? The ambition of DojoSys and its Atypie team is to design projects that are desirable to the user and make life easier, technically feasible and economically viable.
Thus, design thinking makes it possible to design the unprecedented, facilitating collaborative design and accelerating decision making using various tools. We help your organization evolve and take the digital shift.

Augmented manager

We rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase managers' performance and consequently to increase profits and strengthen your brand image. We believe in the hybridization of people and new technologies, in the existence of a complementarity that makes it possible to enhance administrators' managerial and creative capacities. This is why AI presents itself as an opportunity to be seized as soon as possible.

It has the ability to interpret, suggest and decide in order to automate the most thankless tasks and to fight against the obsolescence of human work. Our ambition is therefore to provide you with efficient monitoring tools, to save time, to improve the general productivity of your organisation but also to lead the digital transformation while respecting people. With AI, managers can focus on high value-added actions and enhance employee activity. Nevertheless, taking the digital shift implies an effort to adapt to all scales, a redefinition of the role of managers both in terms of their skills and their attributions and DojoSys has taken this effort into account when developing its tools and methods (see News & Achievements).