Deus ex Machina (DxM) is a new and powerful predictive analysis tool, enhancing massive data (Big Data) and enabling you to optimize strategic decision-making.

This consists in putting artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of cybersecurity and business intelligence by analyzing financial, social, logistical data... Concretely, our ambition is to operate an intelligent watch by exploiting a technology which is able to collect data, to appreciate them according to parameters you will have chosen and to interpret them in such a way it suggests you precise and judicious defensive or offensive reactions.

The DxM solution, which won the Data Intelligence Awards 2017 and is now available in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, brings together the search for massive as well as aberrant data (i.e. irregular facts) and machine learning to guide your strategy.
DxM is a complex system capable of detecting a plausible danger for your company, alerting and advising you on how you could avoid the event even before it occurs. Advice can be communicated to you by SMS, by email or on a closed network, accessible only by you and your partners. In order to get advice in perfect adequacy with your expectations, and because we are anxious to offer tailor-made services, you just need to tell us the nature of the information you would like to obtain thanks to DxM and we take care of formatting this tool for you.